Monday, March 21, 2011

Gallery Nucleus

I'll admit it - I might be stalking Michael Zulli. Just a bit. He was at a group show this weekend at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, one block down from a yummy tea place I frequent with my college friends. And then I read a familiar sounding name pulled from the cover of my Fables #100, Joao Ruas. (I wonder if Brasilians are trending strongly as rising comic artists (see Umbrella Academy).) Naturally, I cleared my schedule.

The theme was graphite; and indeed, it was one of those rare pencil shows that makes you linger at the shiny glass display cases, marveling at the linework and delicate shading. I could have stood rooted for hours.

Barron Storey was present. He kindly signed my well-tagged Sandman Volume 11 aka Endless Nights. I complimented the Mysterious Mister Zed on Fracture of the Universal Boy, of which I am his Kickstarter backer #503. I picked up a sketchbook from Shelly Wan, whose self-portrait as Salome is very visually appealing. But mostly it was Joao Ruas' work that blew me away. I even picked up a print, though I've been trying desperately to cut back.

You need to see these wolves up close. Their eyes glitter.

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