Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artisanal LA - Eat Local, Eat Well

I made the registration table look pretty. That was my contribution for the weekend.

Like Farmer's Market for Specialty Desserts...

OMG, I've never had so many generous samples in my entire festival-going career. These amazing vendors are so passionate for food - their products, their methods, and their source ingredients - that any individual who dares to be called a 'foodie' will find themselves in good company.

Try the caramels from Pasadena-based Le Bon Garcon - they're stirred and worked to within an inch of their smooth, creamy lives. (I hear he's got buff arms.)

Chat with the gentleman from the goat farm in Mojave. He loves his goats and the products made from them. (I told him I wanted to come back as one of his goats in my next life... He's such a sweet man.) I spied some herbed goat cheese preserved in oil at his booth that I'm going to hit up again tomorrow.

It really is the best 10 bucks admission you'll spend all weekend. Forget Coachella - Sugarbird's Sweets & Teas gave me a box of scones at the end of the day - for free. You'll regret not going.

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