Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anime Expo 2010

There was quite a bit of controversy prior to the start of AX this year. Rumors of a greenhorn, micro-managing, power-hungry new CEO and lackeys. Mass resignations (or firings) of division heads, managers and assorted veteran staffers. Lack of top-bottom communication to even the attendees. All of this has happened before, and will happen again... (Remember Mike Tatsugawa anyone? Anyone?)

VolStaff seemed crippled by their paperwork demands (no computers this year). I'm told every department had staff and budget cuts, and if you were in the company of a staffer for more than 30 seconds they could easily recite a list of grievances (even on Day 0). I do know that volunteers aren't guaranteed meals at AX any longer. On one day they were able to scrounge up some sandwich packs from a generous nearby hotel. All-Con-ers had it rough (housing wasn't finalized until past 11pm the night before Con started), which means the nerve-wracking potential that poor, tired, hungry people could have been sleeping in the streets...

The weather was good, temperatures were mild for this time of year, even overcast at times. Not as many GOOD cosplayers as in years past, exhibit hall seemed smaller, vendors not offering the best discounts. Lanyards were cheap and badges were very, very hackable. Some interesting panel and workshop choices, despite the irritating practice of room clearing. While I heard all sorts of things about autograph line mismanagement after, I had no problems whatsoever with Yuu Asagawa at BOTH of her signings, where she stayed overtime to finish out her lines.

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