Wednesday, July 28, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010

I returned from San Diego on Sunday evening. Made some emergency dinner for my lovely boyfriend, and proceeded to rub his back in gratitude after the marathon 3 hour drive home. He's such a trooper for indulging me and my comic-obsessed antics.

The weekend highlights included:

-nostalgic signings by the oh-so-kind Michael Zulli
-meeting all FIVE of the Mythbusters (Adam, Jamie, Grant, Tori, Kari)
-a doodle by famed Italian illustrator Milo Manara (whose erotic-themed works I know best, but publicly I shall admit only X-Women)

-the Fables panel overlapped with the Mythbusters, so I missed it (shh! Bill Willingham is not a man to slight)
-DC has a habit of not announcing their guests and signings until the artist checks in at the booth, so it's anyone's guess who is attending and what a fan like me with limited duffel bag space can bring
-some panels & signings are too popular for their own good so I had to forfeit them with the certainty that they will return in the future (True Blood & Charlaine Harris, JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon, anything Seth MacFarlane)

-on-site registration for next year's 4-Day + Preview Night was sold out by approx. 3:30pm Sunday, which may lead to a mass panic whenever online reg goes up, even though most people are simply hedging their bets as to whether they'll even go to Preview Night if cost is not a factor...

Y'know, I'ved worked SDCC for 4 years - was even offered a minion-staff position, too - and in years past I always heard the phrase "Comic-Con has the best attendees in the world." I certainly didn't hear it this year. But please, don't get me wrong - I had a great time and I'm pleased with where I spent my energies.

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